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What is Bod-eh by Olivia?

Bod-eh by Olivia believes everyone should have the ability to live their life to the fullest! Fitness should be functional, Creative, fun, challenging, and catered to individual needs! Whether one needs to loose weight, gain muscle, gain mobility, gain endurance, improve balance, rehabilitate an injury, or correct posture; Bod-eh by Olivia will get you moving! 


We look forward to helping you crush your fitness goals!

Bod-eh by Olivia caterers to individuals in and around Edmonton, Alberta!



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I want to help you crush your fitness goals with my one on one training! I am a strong believer in functional training and I can help you reach your goals with or without a gym! Bod-eh by Olivia offers mobile fitness training and can get you reaching your goals in the comfort of your own home!

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Bod-eh by Olivia offers both boot camps, and small to large group training. Whether you  and some friends want to set up your own class together, or if you want to join a more boot camp style class...I have got you covered! I offer fun classes that are sure to help you reach your goals!

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Did you know it can be more motivating to workout with a friend or loved one? Bod-eh by Olivia offers couples personal training. This means you will each have a program specific to your goal, while having the motivation of working out with someone you trust!

This training can be done in studio or in the comfort of your own home!


Bring back your childhood memories and improve your health with a fun, challenging, and creative class. Hula hooping is a great stress reliever; it also strengthens the muscle and joints in the body which will help prevent the affects of aging. Hula hooping builds a strong core which is crucial for proper posture, increases the lung aerobic capacities and burns up to 600 calories per hour!  Classes to start January 2020!



For inquiries and more information,


please contact Olivia by phone at


(780) 221 4695 or at

10575 115 street Edmonton, AB, T5H 3K6

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