• Olivia Campbell


The fashion industry has come a long way and has really evolved over the last 100 years. However, one thing has remained the same; women still love getting to strut their stuff in a pair of high heels! The art of walking in high heels requires good core strength, good posture and balance.

Good posture is compromised when muscles develop unevenly, leading them unbalanced. The whole body is interconnected with fascia. This means a compensation in one body part can often lead to compensation in a whole other part of the body! High heels lead to tight calves (back of the lower leg!). Tight calves often lead to lower back pain, which can make it that much more difficult to strut your stuff!

Foam rolling is a way of implementing self myofascial release without going for a message. A foam roller relies on pressure to roll knots out of muscles much like rolling out dough! It doesn’t normally feel great to foam roll, but you will feel better once the knot releases! Foam rolling is cool because sometimes when you release a knot in one area, you feel tension release in a whole other part of the body! With foam rolling, try to roll each area from 30-90 seconds; however, you may roll for longer if you can tolerate it. The harder and bumpier the roller, the deeper it can get! If you are newer to exercise, a softer foam roller would do you best! As you get stronger and develop more muscle, you will most likely need a firmer roller to really dig into the knots in the muscles!

Travel sized foam rollers are available and are ideal for anyone who lives a busy life on the go (such as models), Or anyone who does a lot of sitting! Pain and discomfort can ruin a day, so roll the pain away so you can get on and enjoy your day!


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